Friday, February 27, 2009

Cleaning closets & drawers :(

So most of you know I've been having some skin problems. I've been tested for Lupus & Pemphigus, both of which came back negative. While I'm so very thankful for that, I'm sure it's going to take me a long time to figure out how to deal with what did come back.
It turns out that I have quite a few skin allergies. I'm still learning what I need to stay clear of because it is a lot of stuff!
My Dr. did tell me to try & have only 100% cotton clothing, towels, bedding & anything else that I will be coming in contact with. This has been a real challenge for me. Today Ashley & I cleaned out my closets & drawers. I had to get rid of over half of my clothes. You know what the strange thing was, most of the clothes I got rid of did not surprise me. They are a lot of items I've worn once or twice but was just never comfortable in them & itching a lot, especially since the skin lesions have started. I thought that was interesting. I had to replace my sheets to 100% cotton. I still have not found socks, but did find a site that I could order a few other clothing items for that will be 100% cotton with Latex free thread. I was thankful for that.
Another thing I have to cut out of my life is fragrance. Oh' my is this a hard one. Fragrance is in everything! I finally found a shampoo & conditioner at Sally that were fragrance free. I'm hoping my Mom can find a few other options at the beauty supply stores she goes to. After much searching the only body soap I could find was Dove. I found Cetaphil to wash my face with. I did finally find expensive make-up that would work, but haven't purchased it, yet. I'm doing without for now. I have not been able to find chap-stick, curl booster or hairspray. I did find some dish soap & laundry soap. I even found some cleaning supplies.
On to the next allergy, that would be all the rubber mixes. This one was hard one. You would be surprised what that includes. The biggest thing for me though is rubber stamping. I took that one hard. But, if you could be conscious of rubber for just one day I think you would be surprised what it's on. So far today my surprise were my travel mug has rubber on the handle, my umbrella has rubber on the handle. The shoes I walk the dogs in when it's wet outside are rubber. In fact, the soles on a lot of shoes are rubber! Steering wheels & mattresses have rubber. Most of my pens, especially drug rep pens have rubber on them. One of them didn't & that one says Viagra on it. I don't want to stick that in my purse!!! I guess I'll have to actually purchase a pen. This also includes many of the elastics, purses & hoses. I'm not sure what I'm suppose to about my Cpap machine. I haven't tried to figure it out, yet. I'm also not sure what happens if I would have to have oxygen.
If I thought all of those were bad this one is really killing me, I'm allergic to Formaldehyde. That is in so much stuff, including paper!!!!! EEEKS! I purchased some white cotton gloves for scrapbook, because if the rubber didn't do it that paper would. It's also in many of our clothes except 100% organic cotton. There's more, but I honestly have not got it all in my head, yet.
There is another one paraqphenylenediamine which is found in textile dyes, cosmetics, photocopying & printing inks
Last but not least I am allergic to caine, anything ending with Caine. I'm not sure how that works if I have to get stitches, but I don't want to find out! I also have to watch sunscreens to make sure they are PABA free. I'm really fair skinned, so that isn't a good thing for me.
Basically I think I need a bubble! I know I need to win a million dollars to free myself of all these products. I guess I could just build a plastic house!
Pity party for one is now over!
Saturday I'm packing my scrapbook stuff & my white cotton gloves & going to crop!!!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading my vent. I'm a little overwhelmed tonight. I've stayed up late & trying to figure out what I use that I need to get rid of.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Here's a fun picture of McKayla. She has learned how to drink with a straw. She now refuses to drink out of a regular sippy cup! I'm so glad they make no spill sippy cups with straws!
I took this with my cell phone, so it's not the greatest quality picture. You would know she would learn something new on the day I left the house without my camera.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Russ had surgery today! His surgeon said it was a success & he should have a full recovery within a few months!