Friday, June 14, 2013

The long drive home...

My hubby & I have been gone for 3 weeks spending time with our daughter & her family.  They welcomed a new baby girl into their family on May 29th.  It was so great to be able to spend time with the new little one & her big sister.
We finally came home this week.  Big sister surprised us & came home with us.  We had a very long drive home!
Here's how the trip went...
We got all packed up and found a little space for Doodlebug & we were off.

 Doodlebug helped us find the way with her very own map!
 It's a very long drive home!  Doodlebug tells us that she has lots of "up downs" near her house & that she always knows when she is almost to Grandpa & Grandma's because there are no more "up downs"
 We knew it would have to happen!  What would a summer road trip
 be without road construction?
 Time for a nap :)
 Here's where the fun starts!  I got online & checked the roads before we headed home.  I saw that the road was now open so we decided on this route home.  It's a beautiful drive along the river.  From here our drive should be about 30 minutes, lol!  Just last week there was flood water all around this area.
 There are still sandbags across the road and lots of water pumping but the road was open, lol!
 A little ways down the road we started seeing lots more water and flooded houses but the road was still open, lol.
 Detour #1 of many!
 Yet another detour but we still thought we might make it home.
 Uh'oh, now it's getting really serious!  We ended up on a back road up & over the river bluff.  Yep, the road was closed!
 Oh'no, another detour!  So close to home but so far away.  No way we were making it through this road.  Now is when the fun starts.  We now had to drive on tiny blacktop road and then a gravel road.  Did I mention we have been driving for over and hour now from when I said we are 30 minutes from home?

Finally after another 1 1/2 hours and about a
100 deer running out of in front of us, we made it home! 


Our newest grandbaby!  She was born on May 29th & weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces, she is absolutely perfect!
I'll be referring to this one as Jellybean when I'm posting online.