Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Hippo & Sleeping Bears

Okay, here is M in her cute little hippo outfit! Isn't it just perfect for a day at the zoo!?!? I'm absolutely positive she enjoyed her first trip to the zoo! She spent 75% of the day like this, rofl!
Here is one of my favorite pictures! I wish I could sleep that good! Isn't it just so cute with that back paw sticking upright?!
This one wins, it's my very favorite picture!! I wish I would have thought to try & video tape it! That bear was actually snoring, we were watching his lips jiggle, rofl!! Look at that right leg all propped up, isn't that funny!

So, we had a great day! It was a little humid to begin with, but not to hot. For the most part, the animals were out or at least sleeping within view! We got a nice lesson in the sounds giant turtles might make in the spring, what an education, lol! It was a great day!

The kids leave tomorrow to go back home :(. I'm sure going to miss them! M is really starting to change so fast, it seems every day she has changed. She is smiling more & more & starting to really focus in on us. She is such a good baby, she is pretty easy going all day long, only crying when she is hungry or dirty. She does have a bit of a fussy time at night, usually between 10 p.m. - 1 a.m., but tonight she is sleeping very soundly right now, at midnight.

St. Louis Zoo

Here are some of my favorite photos from today. This elephant was doing a cute little dance for us. You know those times when you say something to someone in your group, but it seems like everyone around you suddenly is silent? That's how I felt when hubby says, "He has to pee!". Uggh!!
This little peacock showed up at our table! I guess she wanted some of my funnelcake? I tried giving her some, but she didn't seem interested. She stood within a foot from us for a good 20 minutes!
I'll have to share a picture of M in her little outfit she wore to the zoo. It is so cute with little hippos on it. So, I had to try & get a picture of the hippos. They are behind glass, so there is no way to get a terrific picture & today there wasn't a way to get even a decent picture, so this is the best I got. Some strangers head is in my picture :(. I had to step way back because someone's little "cutie" kept leaning on M's stroller & touching her, quite hard, actually. I never did figure out who that little sweetie belonged too!
This picture just cracked me up! I don't know what was wrong with my camera, at this point. All the photos for about a 30 minute time period are all really bright & yellowish, not sure why! The pics before & after are all fine. These guys were behind glass, too, so that could have something to do with it.
Since our children were tiny, I have been taking pictures of them in front of this sign. I think her Mom & Dad thought for sure Grandma had flipped this time, but I wanted a picture of her in front of the sign, so I can continue the tradition. I think it will be fun to compare the M's height with her Mom's height at the same ages. Yes, the scrapper in me already has these pages mapped out in my head, although they are years away! I do not have a picture of Ash at this age in front of the sign. I think I have one of C when she was 2 months old in front of the sign.

I guess that is all the pictures for this entry, since it won't give me the option to add another one, so I will have to make one more entry for my favorite photo of the day!!! It reminds me of hubby more then I can even say!!

St. Louis Zoo

Last week we started planning to go to the St. Louis Zoo, today. The weatherman was not co-operating with us! He kept predicting strong storms & we had some pretty good rain last night & this morning. We finally decided to just go on down & if it was raining when we got there, we could go to the Science Center.

We decided to stop by the Mills Mall so hubby could go to Cabela's(is that spelled right?), I didn't mind since Archivers is almost right next door! He came up with some stupid short cut!!! Which involved riding on a ferry! I HATE those stupid things! On top of that, the river is way out of bounds, the usual place to get off the ferry is under water! After we finally got off the ferry, we were on some pretty rural roads with the river water lapping right up to the side of the road. I would honestly be suprised if that road is not closed by now! There were places it looked like the road was just going to sink right into the ground!!!
Okay, I'll share more pictures in the next post! Right now McKayla is wanting to be rocked & all Grandma's know babies don't last long, so don't miss this moment!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pictures from today!

Okay, this was what McKayla was doing this morning, when I returned home from work! I guess she didn't know she was suppose to be sleeping? She was pretty happy with herself, rofl!!! I wasn't complaining because I was pretty glad she was awake & I could see her for a few minutes. I quickly gave her to Mommy so I could get some sleep, lol.

These pictures are from tonight's bath. McKayla didn't seem to mind her bath this evening. Her Mommy used that night time soothing bath stuff. She's always pretty calm when she uses that stuff. Momma says she sleeps pretty well when she uses it, too. I seem to be pretty allergic to it, though & can't stand the smell of it.

When I finally decided to get out of bed, today(been working night shifts), we decided we needed to go grocery shopping. J.D. took this on the drive to the store! McKayla was holding her Daddy's finger while she was sleeping. The drive home was not this peaceful!!

McKayla was sleeping on Grandma's lap this evening while I was playing on the internet. She is just precious!!!! She was making those funny little sounds & moving her mouth making funny faces.

Can you see that little cut on her face? She got herself with her fingernails! We knew they were going to have to be trimmed soon, but didn't know she would get her face this bad! Poor Baby, don't worry they are trimmed now!

So, that's a few pictures from today. McKayla is growing so fast! She had to see a Dr., on Monday night because she had pink eye. She has really hated those eye drops, poor little girl. When they weighed her, the little stinker weighed 11 pounds!!! she is growing so very fast! She is 5 weeks old, tomorrow, so very hard to believe.

I'm enjoying every minute with her.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Baby Shower this afternoon!

Today was the big day for McKayla's baby shower at our church. She got so many adorable outfits, how will she ever wear them all? ;)
Here's a few pictures from today.
I took this one this morning right before her morning bath. I just love her little Old Navy sleeper! This one was taken just before we left church, this morning. I have searched forever for a little bonnet for her, but just could not find one. I finally found this one at Shop-Ko, last night. It even has sun protectant in it!

Here's a picture of Ashley opening one of her favorite gifts. Her cousin, Jaime, makes the most beautiful hair bows. The box is full of bows in every color imaginable! She has a bow that matches every outfit she got, today!
This was taken at the end of the shower. She is just totally exhausted! It's hard work being an adorable baby!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

One Month Old Today!

My how time does fly! I know this, I really do, afterall I have raised three children, but wow this baby is growing fast!

They finally arrived on Thursday afternoon & surprised me at work! I was so happy to finally see them all, again.

McKayla now weighs 9 pounds 14 ounches. She is so beautiful, everyone says so, lol!

Here is a couple of pictures just after her bath, this morning & a short video.

The bear at Best Buy!

Ashley, McKayla & I went shopping, yesterday! Our first stop was Best Buy. I found a parking place & got the van parked. I was just getting out of the van & happened to look at the car next to us.

I was a bit shocked when I saw what looked like a bear sitting in the passenger seat!

Do you think that is bear abuse to leave that guy in there on a warm day with all the windows rolled up???

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Another one

I'm not having any luck getting my first page to stitch together. I think it's becuase it is so 3d.

I'll try this one & see how bad it looks.

For this one, I used page 73 in the Reflections book for my inspiration. I've been hanging onto these Daisy D papers for a very long time, hoping someday to have a new little girl to scrap with them. I had no idea it would be this soon!


I honeslty don't remember the last time I made a scrapbook page. I've been making cards, but haven't even done that for weeks. I just could not seem to find any inspiration for making pages.

I have inspiration, now!

Here is my first page in a very long time.

I just got the newest CTMH book, Reflections. I decided to use it for inspiration & hopefully get scrapping, again.

For this page, I used the layout on page 30.

Excuse my terrible stitching. I have a new scanner & haven't quite figured it out. I'll have to keep working on it.
ETA: Wow, that stitching looks even worse now that I've seen it on here. I will have to figure this out!! Her little belly does not look distorted in real life!