Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Hippo & Sleeping Bears

Okay, here is M in her cute little hippo outfit! Isn't it just perfect for a day at the zoo!?!? I'm absolutely positive she enjoyed her first trip to the zoo! She spent 75% of the day like this, rofl!
Here is one of my favorite pictures! I wish I could sleep that good! Isn't it just so cute with that back paw sticking upright?!
This one wins, it's my very favorite picture!! I wish I would have thought to try & video tape it! That bear was actually snoring, we were watching his lips jiggle, rofl!! Look at that right leg all propped up, isn't that funny!

So, we had a great day! It was a little humid to begin with, but not to hot. For the most part, the animals were out or at least sleeping within view! We got a nice lesson in the sounds giant turtles might make in the spring, what an education, lol! It was a great day!

The kids leave tomorrow to go back home :(. I'm sure going to miss them! M is really starting to change so fast, it seems every day she has changed. She is smiling more & more & starting to really focus in on us. She is such a good baby, she is pretty easy going all day long, only crying when she is hungry or dirty. She does have a bit of a fussy time at night, usually between 10 p.m. - 1 a.m., but tonight she is sleeping very soundly right now, at midnight.

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