Sunday, May 18, 2008

Baby Shower this afternoon!

Today was the big day for McKayla's baby shower at our church. She got so many adorable outfits, how will she ever wear them all? ;)
Here's a few pictures from today.
I took this one this morning right before her morning bath. I just love her little Old Navy sleeper! This one was taken just before we left church, this morning. I have searched forever for a little bonnet for her, but just could not find one. I finally found this one at Shop-Ko, last night. It even has sun protectant in it!

Here's a picture of Ashley opening one of her favorite gifts. Her cousin, Jaime, makes the most beautiful hair bows. The box is full of bows in every color imaginable! She has a bow that matches every outfit she got, today!
This was taken at the end of the shower. She is just totally exhausted! It's hard work being an adorable baby!

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