Monday, May 26, 2008

St. Louis Zoo

Last week we started planning to go to the St. Louis Zoo, today. The weatherman was not co-operating with us! He kept predicting strong storms & we had some pretty good rain last night & this morning. We finally decided to just go on down & if it was raining when we got there, we could go to the Science Center.

We decided to stop by the Mills Mall so hubby could go to Cabela's(is that spelled right?), I didn't mind since Archivers is almost right next door! He came up with some stupid short cut!!! Which involved riding on a ferry! I HATE those stupid things! On top of that, the river is way out of bounds, the usual place to get off the ferry is under water! After we finally got off the ferry, we were on some pretty rural roads with the river water lapping right up to the side of the road. I would honestly be suprised if that road is not closed by now! There were places it looked like the road was just going to sink right into the ground!!!
Okay, I'll share more pictures in the next post! Right now McKayla is wanting to be rocked & all Grandma's know babies don't last long, so don't miss this moment!!!

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Dawn said...

There's an Archivers in St. Louis? I spent 5 days in St. Louis, one of those days randomly exploring the city, and I didn't know there was an Archivers? Sad! Very sad!