Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pictures from today!

Okay, this was what McKayla was doing this morning, when I returned home from work! I guess she didn't know she was suppose to be sleeping? She was pretty happy with herself, rofl!!! I wasn't complaining because I was pretty glad she was awake & I could see her for a few minutes. I quickly gave her to Mommy so I could get some sleep, lol.

These pictures are from tonight's bath. McKayla didn't seem to mind her bath this evening. Her Mommy used that night time soothing bath stuff. She's always pretty calm when she uses that stuff. Momma says she sleeps pretty well when she uses it, too. I seem to be pretty allergic to it, though & can't stand the smell of it.

When I finally decided to get out of bed, today(been working night shifts), we decided we needed to go grocery shopping. J.D. took this on the drive to the store! McKayla was holding her Daddy's finger while she was sleeping. The drive home was not this peaceful!!

McKayla was sleeping on Grandma's lap this evening while I was playing on the internet. She is just precious!!!! She was making those funny little sounds & moving her mouth making funny faces.

Can you see that little cut on her face? She got herself with her fingernails! We knew they were going to have to be trimmed soon, but didn't know she would get her face this bad! Poor Baby, don't worry they are trimmed now!

So, that's a few pictures from today. McKayla is growing so fast! She had to see a Dr., on Monday night because she had pink eye. She has really hated those eye drops, poor little girl. When they weighed her, the little stinker weighed 11 pounds!!! she is growing so very fast! She is 5 weeks old, tomorrow, so very hard to believe.

I'm enjoying every minute with her.

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Dawn said...

In the carseat picture, I can see a lot of her mommy in McKayla's face. Wow!