Monday, July 28, 2008

Family Trip to the Lincoln Museum

Wow, has it been a long time since I've been able to update my blog! Our internet service has been off & on, mostly off. Tonight, I'm up with a migraine, keeping hubby awake, so I came out to the couch & decided to see if we had service & what do you know, we do!!

I'll share some pictures from our recent trip to the Lincoln Museum in Springfield. If you've never been, I would really suggest you go! This was my third trip over, so I really didn't need to go again, but sure didn't want to miss a day with the family.

Mom, Jaron, Ashley, McKayla, Courtney, John & I all drove over & met Uncle Marty & Aunt Kay at the museum. Little Miss McKayla was a joy all day, as usual. I'm telling you, she is the best baby ever! She only cried a couple of times, all day. She has recently started smiling at everyone & is so cute! She does attract a lot of attention.
Here is one of my favorite pictures of her. We tried this little bonnett on her. I wanted to buy it, but her Daddy told me it was hideous :(. I think it's pretty cute on her!

They have one room, which I believe is called Mrs. Lincoln's Attic. In the room are all sorts of toys from the time period & outfits for the kids to try on. McKayla was still to little for everything, but we still went in & took some pictures of her. I can't wait to take her over & let her play in that room. I think I will plan at least 2 hours just for her to have fun in there!

This picture was taken in front of the fireplace, where the kids can pretend to be cooking over the fire. Next to it is a table full of play food.

This is another picture in front of the fireplace, just look at that adorable face!

Here is my Mom holding her in front of the dollhouse. It's huge & every little girls dream dollhouse.

This is a picture of everyone in front of the Whitehouse, well except Uncle Marty & me. We were taking pictures.

After the museum, Mom took us all out to eat at Ryans. We had a nice time & some fun laughs!

Next we were off to the mall, Jaron had never been to the mall & John wanted a new phone. We shopped for awhile there. I wanted to stop at Michael's to see if there were any new $1 stamps, whoohooo, there were a bunch of new stamps!!!!

After that we went on to Jacksonville & did some shopping there.

We had such a nice day & the baby was wonderful all day long.

I'll try to get online & share more, later, but for now I think I will try & get some sleep.

I will share next about our new puppy!

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