Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I've been trying for days to get into my blog & update. I've deleted cookies & Internet files. I've done scans on my system. Nothing was working, today it works. Who knows what I was doing wrong.
So, update on hubby. He did not have surgery on the 20th, as scheduled. His work comp caseworker canceled it. He wanted him to have a 2nd opinion with an IME physician. Last Friday we had to go to St. Louis for an appointment with the Dr of their choice. That surgeon agreed with hubby's surgeon, so it looks like he will have surgery. We are still waiting on his work comp nurse to get her stuff together. She told hubby to call & schedule it, but his surgeon's office will not schedule until they hear from the work comp company. I can't say I blame them, especially after they canceled the last surgery late on the Friday afternoon before his schedule morning surgery on Tuesday!!! Working in a Dr's office for a few years, I was very embarrassed that they did that & felt very bad about it. I am not sure when we will know anything. The wc nurse told us it would be at least Thursday before she would have a chance to even look at the Dr's report.

On to the fun stuff. I've been scrapping like crazy! I escape to my scrap room just about every evening & make a page or two. McKayla has 3 books full of pages & quite a few pages without a book, yet. I have been using all those "can't use because they are my favorite & must be collected" supplies. Wow, is it fun!
Over the weekend, I cleaned my scraproom for top to bottom & re-arranged it. I had gotten very sloppy about keeping supplies sorted into the correct drawers, just tossing them in any old drawer. I usually remember what I've got, but finding it was another story, but not any more. I also took the time to group my cardstock by colors, another thing I had gotten lazy with. It's so much nicer.
I hope to get some of these pages scanned & post soon.

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