Thursday, September 6, 2012

Project Life....sort of...

So, in my scrapbook I have sort of started doing a Project Life type addition to it.  Really it isn't Project Life at all but very inspired by PL.  I've got the divided page protectors and use those.  What started it all for me was the addition of another grandson last March.  His parents send me phone pictures of him and well, I can't print them very large so I started thinking of using the divided pages to make the area much smaller.  That started it :)
Now, I add lots of little things to my albums.  Things that really only need a small space like a trip out to eat with the family or folding laundry with Grandma.  I add these things to my scrapbook with the divided pages.
Another thought I have on this is that with 4 grandchildren so far this will make it easier to divide up the books.  There are some things that I add to the divided pages but then I also make a 12x12 page of.  I am thinking that the grandchild that is the main subject of the 12x12 will eventually have that page but another one of our kids might want the small bit from the PL pages for their book so they may also have a memory from that event.
I don't know maybe I'm really just making up an excuse to use all of those 6x6 paper pads I've been collecting?  LOL
Here's one of my pages I've added to my book.  This one is actually just one day for the whole page.  This is from a trip to Eminence we took this summer.  The first part of the page is pictures from our curvy drive down and then pictures from our cabin.  I loved that we actually had a room key!  I hadn't seen one of those in years, sure brought back memories.
The curvy road sign & the banner were both made using patterns from Little Scraps of Heaven Designs.  You can find the details on our fanpage at Facebook.
I also used post cards and some cut outs from some of the brocures we collected.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!  I will be posting more pages soon :)

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