Thursday, May 17, 2007

More auction finds!

Another BOWL!!!!!! That's what hubby said when he saw this little gem get pulled out of the box! Hey, now how could I pass up a Pyrex bowl for $2? I couldn't!
I found this Tupperware at one of the yard sales for $1 It's perfect for Splenda, sugar & those little water flavor packets!

This gravy boat was one of the first things I found at the auction & decided I "needed", lol! I love the retro look of it! When will I use it, I have no clue, but it looks pretty in my cabinet! I got it for $2! Pretty good deal, especially since I got a whole box of other stuff with it. I'll have to take a picture of a couple of things I found in the box that were pretty cute!

After the yard sales & the first auction we went to the next auction for the day. I think we were both to exhausted to care anymore. The gnats were horrible & we were both sunburned. We didn't get a thing & left before it was over. I guess that is a lesson learned. Starting at 6:45 at a town wide yard sale & then to a daytime auction & on to an evening auction is just to long of a day! It was fun, though.

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Valerie said...

Oh fun, I haven't been to an auction is years!