Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ashley's baby shower

We got to drive down to Southern Missouri this past Saturday for our daughter's baby shower. It was so great to be able to see her one more time before the baby arrives. It's getting so close, now!!!! We are all getting so excited!!!

Before we left, we stopped by Alley Spring. I wanted to see it in the winter. I knew it would be overflowing with water by now. The last time we were there was this past fall. They had not had very much rain last season, so the water level was really low. On Saturday it was pretty high, but the spring was not the pretty blue. It ws still beautiful, with all the ice & snow, it was breathtaking. I had to take a video, it's not great quality, but what I really wanted to capture was the sound at the springs. I could listen to this sound all day, every day!

I'll post pictures of the baby shower soon. I'm making a slide show,.

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