Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just Another Day of the Flu

I'm still sick, will this ever go away?

I'm going to try to post this picture I just took from my front door.

The family is all at a Super Bowl party. WhoooHooo, finally I'm alone & most importantly have control of the remote! No way I'm watching that game! I'm watching HGTV, yea the world's longest yardsale, fun stuff!

All of a sudden I hear a really strange noise & up pops Mia's head. She's looking at me & I'm looking at her, neither of were quite sure what was going on. Finally, I got up & looked outside to find out it's hailing like crazy! By the time I grabbed my camera it had almost stopped.

Not much else going on around our house, today. Mia & I are comfy on the couch for the rest of the evening. Scrapbooking is on QVC starting this evening & through tomorrow, so this is where I will be.

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