Saturday, February 16, 2008

I have my own room!

I finally have a place to call my own & I can close the door on it!

Both of our daughters have now moved out. Our oldest is married & soon to have a baby. Our middle daughter has decided she wants to be on her own, so she's gotten an apartment. She's always been Little Miss Independent. Sometimes it's so hard realizing how fast the time has gone & these two have grown up, but I'm really glad they are living their lives.

So, that left a bedroom with no one claiming it! Okay, so yes oldest son tried to claim it, but no way! You should see his room. That kid has every inch of wall covered with some sort of poster. Then one day, we found out that he had screwed his old skateboards into the walls! He thought he was going to claim this room. Boy, there is no way that child is getting his hands on more walls in my house. I have no idea what we will do with those walls in that room. It' s like a bad episode of Hilde on Trading Spaces!

So, the room is going to double as my scrap space & a guest room. We have to have a place for our new granddaughter to sleep(yea, her parents can come with her too). I can't show you pictures of the rest of the room, for now. The beds have plastic totes sitting on them full of stuff. The girls need to come claim or put into the basement for storage.

So, here's pictures of my space!

My desk was a challenge to get in here. It was to wide to fit around the corner from the living room into the bedroom. Hubby tried every way he could think of to get it in here. I was reminded more then once that he was once a top driver for Allied Moving Company, oh'yes he knows how to move furniture. So, I mostly sat on the floor, in the kitchen, because the hall to the living room & our room was totally blocked with that thing. I tried to keep my mouth shut! That man must really have wanted me out of the living room. He started moving my desk in there around 7 p.m., last night. Finally, after taking it apart & putting it back together, the desk was ready at 11:30 p.m.! Wow!

Next was my cabinet. I was so afraid that old thing would not fit through, but it did! It's not a lovely cabinet, but it sure is excellent storage for all my stuff! I picked it up at an auction. I'm pretty sure it was from a local dress shop & used to hold ladies hosiery. I remember it being in the Dainty Dress shop, when I was a kid. Someday I'll figure out how to redo the top of it. I'd like to alter the drawers somehow to make them prettier, but you know I really like being able to see in them.

The third picture is a close-up of my version of a clip it up type storage. It was really cheap & used a space I wasn't using. I didn't have room for anything else that needed a flat surface to sit on. The tension rod was 99 cents & the shower curtain hooks were 98 cents a package. The only problem is that it can't hold a lot of weight or I'd have 3x as much stuff hanging from it.

Today, hubby is running a cable in here for my tv, whoohoo! He is also getting my Grandma's stereo out of storage. I have wanted that out for so long, but no real place to put it! I have a lot of her old 8-tracks, yippee! It's confession time, I've loved country since before country was cool to love! I have so many memories of sitting at Grandma's with a book in my hand & a country 8-track playing. To tell the truth, it's been so long that I can't even remember who all we listened to, so I'm so excited to get those out of storage! I just hope the 8-track with "trailers for sale or rent, rooms to let for 50 cents" somehow made it into my possession!
ETA: Oh'my goodness, it's funny the things you don't notice when you are taking pictures! But, when you see them all huge on the monitor they scream at you.
First thing I noticed is my ratty chair! Wow, I had no clue it would show up s.
o clearly! I need a new one, I really do, but I refuse to buy one until this dog decides to quit eating things! Yes, she ate part of the seat. They say labs are puppies for 2 years, they are right!(whoever "they" are!)
Next thing I noticed was how well the lovely pink walls show up! That was C's doing! She decided to paint the walls for her 4-H project. I'm so allergic to paint & most of you reading this blog probably know my recent er....should I say problems with paint! The walls are going to stay this lovely sponged pink for a very long time! I have dreams of hubby sending me on a scrapping cruise & I come home to a freshly painted home. That's my dream, a girl can dream, right?
The next thing is my floor! I haven't shined the wood floors, yet. That's yet another smell that bothers me. I'm planning on cleaning the floors right before I leave for the evening.
The next thing is how well my unorganized drawers show up. The thing is, I can find anything in those drawers in about a minute, so yea it looks pretty bad, but it really is organized ;)
Now for the last thing, if you are a charming person reading this thread, you might notice I accidentally left something out & it is in these pictures. So, if you are a charming person that doesn't know what our current "thong" looks like, you must close this blog, now! You must not examine these pictures trying to see my "thong". LOL, it's so funny, because I'm pretty sure you will not spot it, but I'm having visions of Leah magnifying the pictures trying so hard to find the "thong". So, to all the Charmers out there, that are in on this "thong" challenge" you can laugh because you see it, don't you! HeeHee!!!!


joybear said...

Looks awesome!!!! Good luck Leah!! I know what it is and I can't spy it.

joybear said...

oh wait...I see it..still naked!!!??

Valerie said...

Hehehe I see your thong ;)

Ashley said...

i never thought i'd see that room clean. and i'm glad that it was you that cleaned it and not me!