Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Clip it Up is bigger then yours!

So, I brought this home from an auction last weekend. Boy, did hubby look at me strange when I bid on this, notice I said "bid", that's cause everyone else was looking at me strange, too! No one bid against me! This thing has a stand on the floor & is over 4 feet tall. I got it for $1 & no matter how strange those people looked at me, I knew I got an awesome deal!
I already had the shower hooks from my curtain rod clip it up I've been using for a year or so, now. I just used those for this, too. I had to
go pick up a few more hooks.
I have it pretty close to me, so I can just reach over, twirl it around until I find what I want. I honestly didn't know I had this much stuffed in drawers!


Mardi said...

I love it, what a steal! Isn't it amazing how scrapbooking has us looking differently at things! I am so happy we are on the design team together!!!

Jeana said...

Mardi, me too! I'm having so much fun. I'll be sad when it's time to choose another team :(.