Thursday, October 23, 2008

Still trying to upload the pics...

and thought I would share this little tidbit with y'all.

Some of you know of our dog Mia's hatred for one of our neighbor dogs. Mia is the sweetest dog ever. She makes friends with neighborhood cats while we are walking. She has made friends with the dogs in the neighborhood, but there is one dog that she will not make up with.
That dog is a Rottweiler named Bo. Now, I've made friends with Bo, he's always been fine with me. I've never seen him do anything out of line, except roam the neighborhood, grrrrrrrrrrrrr! But, for some reason Mia & all the town dogs do NOT like Bo! Mia actually broke our living room window while trying to get at Bo one day when he was in our yard.

So, just now I'm watching Animal Police Houston. There is a Rottweiler on the show. Mia was laying on the couch next to me going insane! She was growling & barking at the tv going insane, just like she does when Bo comes around. As soon as the segment was over she calmed right down & is back asleep!

I guess Mia just does NOT like Rottweilers!!!

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